Fancy Alpaca shawls are perfect to add a touch of fashion and color to your every day outfits. Did you know there are different ways to wear our shawls to give your outfit an unique look? We are going to show you some ways of wearing our luxurious shawls.


This is a simple but beautiful way to wear a shawl, just put it on both shoulders and let it fall around your body. Make sure to wear accessories that will give you an elegant but casual look.


Wrap one side of the shawl around your neck and let the other side just fall to the other side. This style will give you more elegant vibes.


Use your favorite belt to create a unique look that will keep you cozy and allows the shawl to stay in place as you go about your daily tasks.


You can also wear our soft alpaca shawls as an elegant and cozy scarf. It is the perfect accessory for a cooler day or to bring some color to your winter jacket.


You can also try wearing it just on your shoulders and arms. It is perfect to wear with a shirt or a dress.


If you want something more simple, you can wear it as a small scarf too. Wrap both sides of the shawl around your neck.


You can tie the shawl in the center, so you have a simple knot in the middle. This style is also very elegant and perfect to try it with a dress.


If you want an elegant look, you can wrap one side of the alpaca shawl around your neck hanging down your back then wrap the other side overtop hanging down the front. This is perfect to keep you warm working in your cool office.


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