Can the colors of your clothing affect your mood and how people see you?

Can the colors of your clothing affect your mood and how people see you?

There are many studies that say color can affect things like our mood and perception of certain situations and people. The colors that we choose to wear can be used as a form of non-verbal communication to convey our mood and help to create a certain mood. It is important to remember that in general colors may have a certain significance but this may not be true for all people and depending on things such as personal feelings and culture. Did you know some ancient cultures even used colors as part of their healing practices and they are still used in some holistic practices today?

Let us take a look at some colors and when to wear them.


Red is a color associated with strong emotions and can represent love, attraction, passion, boldness, danger and power. It is a good color to wear when someone wants to feel bold or powerful or to energize a situation. As well as to attract attention and can be a good color to wear on a date. Keep it mind red can be overpowering at times and may be better suited as an accent color in some situations like a scarf or a blouse. At times it may be best avoid using too much red as it can be seen as an aggressive or bossy color.


Blue is seen as calming color and associated with patience, wisdom, trust and dependability. It can be a good color for business meetings, presentations, or job interviews to evoke intelligence and dependability and ease anxiety. As well as bring peace to stressful situations such as a first date or at work.


Green is seen as a relaxed color associated with renewal, luck, safety, wealth and optimism. On the other hand, it can be associated with greed and envy. Wear green when you want to feel connected to nature. It can help to reduce stress and can be a great color to wear when meeting new people or undertaking new steps in life. At work it is a great color to look approachable and for presentations. It can make a great accent color with accessories such as a Fancy Alpaca scarf or shawl.


Orange is seen as a friendly color associated with enthusiasm, optimism, and happiness. It is a great color to wear during physical activity as it is an active and energizing color. It can be great for networking or social events to give an inviting and friendly vibe. Orange accents such as ties or Fancy Alpaca scarves can portray success and confidence.


Yellow is seen as a happy color associated with creativity, fun and hope. It is a great color to wear when you want to feel cheerful, optimistic or spontaneous. It is a good color to wear to stand out and may better to used as a accent color such as a tie or a Fancy Alpaca shawl or scarf.


Purple is seen as a luxurious color associated with royalty, creativity, mystery and sophistication. Wear it when you want to feel more luxurious or stand out. It is a good color to feel more creative.


Pink is seen as lively color associated with femineity, romance, and youthfulness. It is a good color for social events and romantic occasions as it is a good color to form a connection.


Black is seen as a luxurious color associated with prestige, power, and protection. Wear it to bring feelings of strength and power. It can also be worn at social events to evoke feeling of elegance and sophistication.


White is seen as an innocent color associated with cleanliness and purity. It is a great light color for summer and easy to pair with colorful accessories. It is used by brides to represent purity. It can be a great color to wear when you are looking for a fresh start.

When choosing fashion colors, it's important to consider not only your personal preferences but also the message and mood you want to convey. Whether you want to feel bold and confident, calm and relaxed, or sophisticated and elegant, there's a color palette that can help you achieve your desired look and mood.


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