Fancy Alpaca's Talented Artisans

Fancy Alpaca's Talented Artisans

At Fancy Alpaca, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have cultivated long-standing relationships with the talented artisans who have been part of our journey for over a decade. Hailing predominantly from the enchanting northern region of Ecuador, nestled near the idyllic city of Otavalo amid serene lakes and majestic mountains, our artisans bring forth a rich heritage of craftsmanship. Rooted in family traditions spanning generations, these artisans exemplify the essence of Otavalo's vibrant artisanal culture.

Collaborating closely with a new generation of entrepreneurs, many of whom are  young families, we witness a dedication to preserving indigenous traditions while striving to create brighter futures. It's a privilege to support their endeavors as they continue to provide enhanced opportunities for their loved ones while honoring their cultural legacy.

artisan weaving


We've recently initiated a partnership with Artesalinas, a cooperative based in the Chimborazo region. Comprised of dedicated women who collaborate to craft exquisite alpaca products by hand, Artesalinas serves as a beacon of empowerment within local communities. By generating income opportunities, their work not only sustains livelihoods but also fosters a sense of solidarity, strengthening the bonds that unite their community.

artesalinas artisans


Residing in Ecuador over the past several years has enabled us to forge deep connections with each of our artisans and collaborators. We have personally come to know everyone we work with, fostering strong and meaningful relationships along the way.

Ecuadorian artisan

Over the past year, we embarked on our own handmade journey, crafting distinctive wood and resin home decor products right here on the Canadian prairies. We're thrilled to be able to share our creativity with the world, drawing inspiration from the incredible talents of artisans who have deeply influenced our love for craftsmanship. Each product we create reflects this dedication and passion for artisanal excellence.

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