Interesting Facts About Alpacas you didn´t know

Interesting Facts About Alpacas you didn´t know

Alpacas are cute and fluffy animals that are native to South America. They are part of the camelid family and are closely related to llamas. Here are some interesting facts about these fascinating creatures:

  1. Alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years and there are currently no wild alpacas unlike llamas and vicuñas. They were first domesticated by the Incas in South America for their soft and warm fleece.

  2. Alpacas are social animals that live in herds. They are known to be gentle and curious creatures. If an alpaca is bred in solitude, it is more likely to get sick and die then when raised in a herd.

  3. Alpacas come in 22 natural colors, including black, brown, gray, and white. Their fleece is prized for its softness and warmth.

  4. Alpacas are normally born in the morning, this gives the newborn a chance get used to the temperature before the cold night sets in. The gestation period for alpacas is between 242 to 345 days.

  5. Alpacas are environmentally friendly animals. They have soft padded feet that do not damage the ground, and they have a low impact on the land they graze on.

  6. Alpacas are intelligent animals that can be trained to do various tasks. They are used as therapy animals and can even be trained to pull carts. Alpacas can learn tricks such as hand signals, jumps and obstacle courses.

  7. They love to have their personal space and can get very aggressive defending it. 

  8. Alpacas are very big on hygiene. It is important for them to keep their coats and teeth clean. They also go to the bathroom away from their grazing spots.

  9. Alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin.

  10. Alpacas have a unique humming sound that they use to communicate with each other. They can also make other sounds, such as a high-pitched scream to signal danger.

  11. Alpacas can be crossbred with llamas, the offspring are called lalpaca or huarizo , which is bred from a male llama and female alpaca.
  12. There are 2 types of alpacas, the Suri, which have long-fibred fleeces and the Huacaya, which have a shorter crimped fleece.


In conclusion, alpacas are fascinating animals that have a lot of unique traits and qualities. They are gentle, intelligent, and environmentally friendly creatures that have special place in the hearts of many people.


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