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Cozy Thick Reversible Artisan Boho Turquoise Grey Alpaca Wool Blanket

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Cozy Thick Reversible Artisan Boho Turquoise Grey Alpaca Wool Blanket

Fancy Alpaca blankets are expertly crafted by local artisans to bring a touch of Andean luxury to your household. Whether you want to curl up to read a good book or are looking for a cozy night’s sleep, a Fancy Alpaca blanket is perfect for these moments.

This blanket has beautiful turquoise and light grey tones in a tribal design. As well the blanket is reversible with one side having turquoise tones while the other side has soft grey tones. These beautiful colors and unique design are why we named this blanket Andes after the famous South American mountain range. 

  • Durability of the alpaca wool, you will be able to enjoy your alpaca blanket for a long time to come. Our dogs even sleep with their own alpaca blankets (lucky dogs)!!!
  • Easy to care for, don't worry your alpaca blanket is easy to care for to keep it looking its best for a long time to come. It is always recommendable to hand wash your alpaca blanket with a mild soap, but if you decide to machine wash do so carefully on a gentle or wool cycle in cool water.
  • Softness and coziness of the alpaca wool, you will love the way that the alpaca wool feels against your skin. Many people find sheep wool to be scratchy, but alpaca wool feels silky and smooth.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, we want you to love you new Fancy Alpaca product as much as we do and if you do not we accept returns on our products.
  • 70% alpaca & 30% acrylic
  • Dimensions: Length: 85 in, Width: 79 in


  • Our beautiful blankets are made by small family businesses in the small village of Otavalo in northern Ecuador, so by buying our products you are helping to support our local artisans and their families.
  • We are proud to work with the Fundación Cecilia Rivadeneira in Ecuador by giving 10% of our profits to help children with cancer not only with medical expenses, but also activities such as arts and sports to allow them to enjoy some of the best moments of being a child.